ESP32-A1S 基板取り付け

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“Failed to connect to ESP32: No serial data received.”
This error usually implies some kind of a hardware issue. This may be because the hardware is not working properly at all.
It seems to be a defective product.

In order to our factory better solve your problem, could you pls provide some      pictures or video so that our technical department could check where is the problem?

UART connection. Write in UART Download mode.
Attached are the writing results of Arduino IDE and flash_download_tool.
I am able to write to other ESP32-A1S in the same environment.

Nice day, our technical department wants to know how did you connect the pin in attachment?

Thank you for your prompt response. I have attached the pin connections.

Good morning, could you pls try to  TXD and RXD cross connect?

I already tried the reverse connection, but the result was the same.

If you try all the ways but still failed, don;t worry, we will resend one to you.

Thank you.
It seems like it’s a problem with the reset circuit, and there was an article that said adding a capacitor between the reset and GND solved the problem, so I’ll try that.

Sorry to hear that, in this case,we will resend one to you.

Thank you for resending it.

今まで手動書き込みをしていたが自動書き込みが出来る「ESP32 ダウンローダキット」を購入し書き込みテストをしてみます。




When can you resend it?




Yes, it was shipped by 4PX3000744609054CN



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